What is your favorate diaper?

23% (254 votes)
10% (112 votes)
Depends overnight
12% (135 votes)
9% (103 votes)
Attends overnight
8% (86 votes)
12% (129 votes)
Huggies Pullups
8% (85 votes)
Huggies Convertables
7% (73 votes)
12% (134 votes)
Total votes: 1111


What i like! <3

I really like little paws, even though i only tried them once, i fell in love!


My favorite has been

My favorite has been abri-form L4's. They hold the majority of what i can put in them weither thats poop or pee.


Meez wuv the crinklzz diapees. Also meez need a changey. :'(

Bambino's teddy, clasico,and

Bambino's teddy, clasico,and belisemos they are my number 1 favoriteest brands I think the teddy style Bambino my favorite wuv dem cutesy wootsey bears and Bambino's can hold up to the heaviest of wetters I once pee pee 4 times in the same Bambino teddy print and no leak and I am talking large to medium size wets only down side is that they are a little expensive but in my opinion well worth it

Favorite Diaper

Once was PAMPERS-while I could still fit into them and they still absorbed my wettings and occasional messes.But NOW since about 16 years old CLOTH with liners and plastic panties are MY MOST FAVORITES!!

I need to be a BABY GIRL full-time.I love MY diapers,and EVERYTHING about just being a helpless baby!!!!



m4s the old xplus & bambinos

m4s the old xplus & bambinos are the 2 I like best

which diaper

Tena Maxi slips are my best diaper hold loads dont leak and look great

I usually wear Tranquility

I usually wear Tranquility ATN's and ABUCushies.

ok im small im 5foot 7 an 112 pounds

I fit girls size 12 jeans an kids diapers im well totally the size of a preteen kid i am bi but well men scare me an still hurt me like wen i was smaller i like wering pull ups but i do have cloth an rubber pants


Re: What is your favorate diaper?

there is nothing like a thick cloth diaper with plastic pants and baby powder to make you feel on top of the world.

Re: What is your favorate diaper?

I have used both disposables and cloth diapers and the cloth wins every time. Properly put on with plastic pants I can go with changing only 3 times a day. I love wearing a diaper with powder to make it feel so good.

Re: What is your favorate diaper?

I would have to say the Molicare Super T... hands down. The only issue I have is the no elastic at the top of the diaper.

Re: What is your favorate diaper?

Thick cloth diapers with plastic pants are ABsolutely the very best!, The bulk between your legs and on your butt (which gets bulkier and heavier as they get wetter and poopier), the crinkle of the plastic pants as you walk ["Wow! I think she heard! She's looking at me - at my BOTTOM! Cool !"], the soft fluffiness and sweet smell when you put on a fresh one, the weight and acrid odor when you take off a well-used one - these are all delightful and stimulating sensations. Also, I used to get terribly painful diaper rash, and that has disappeared since I started putting cloth next to my heiney, and now I have a completely unblemished background! But the best of all is that you really FEEL the wetness and messiness as they cling to your skin!
I admit, I usually wear Depend Overnights lined with a Depend Boost Pad and a Pampers 6 (with the sides cut off and slits for drainage), but whatever I have on - and I wear 24/7 - I ALWAYS have a cloth diaper as the innermost layer next to my skin so I can feel the clingy wetness of it - on my belly, crotch, crack and cheeks!!!
I might prefer Molicares, but they are unavailable in Maui, and cost 3 times as much as Depends but only hold twice as much. I've never understood the popularity of Attends - they have a loose waist and leg gathers, NO "leak-guards", aren't as noisy as Depends, and always leak on me (or rather, on the bed). I only use them if I want to keep the "set" of diapers I'm wearing on through the night when they are already pretty saturated. Then I'll slit the Depends a little and put an Attends on over all.
The Incontinence Reasearch Center tested many brands and rated Molicares the best - at "100%". Depend Overnights hold 53% as much as Molis, Depend Regulars 51% (making the extra cost of Overnights questionable), but Attends only hold about 41% as much as a Moli (or about 3/4 of a Depends). [De gustibus non disputandem est!]
But its ALWAYS cloth next to my skin, and thick cloth with plastic panties for the best experience of all!

Re: What is your favorate diaper?

I prefer cloth with plastic pants. My favorite cloth is gauze. Nonetheless, I am wearing Abena disposables with plastic pants.

Re: What is your favorate diaper?

my favorite diapers are attends disposeables,they seem to absorb nicely,and i just love the krinkley sounds of dispoeables in general.

Re: What is your favorate diaper?

Recommend the old "Curity" brand if available or those made by "Loving Comfort." Pull-on brief style is the most convenient.

Re: What is your favorate diaper?


Couldn't agree more...however, prefer the old birdseye cotton diaper and Suprima plastic pants from Germany are best in my opinion.